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Founded in 1992, Wall-to-Wall Studios infuses design and strategy with empathy and insight to elevate brands through visual identities, immersive digital experiences and integrated campaigns. Our work spans many verticals, and we like it that way. We have experience representing the full emotional and aesthetic spectrum. Our clients are diverse – big, small and in-between; local, regional and national. We wield the power of design to lift up brands, people’s daily experiences and the places we live.


Sure, we've been around a long time. However, we never assume we know how to solve a problem before we've started; every solution is built from scratch. We use a lightweight process to keep us on track and tools to keep us efficient, and we're good stewards of resources – ours and yours. We're all about delivering exactly what you need in ways you never expected.


Do you ever get that bloated feeling? We don't. Everyone here was hand-selected to be part of an artistically and technically creative team. We're hybrids – most of us are multidisciplinary – so we're nimble, and we can get done with few what usually takes many. We take our work very seriously (but with our sense of humor intact). Because of where we come from and how we work, we get exposure to many things and we often use what we've learned in one discipline to push the boundaries of another.


We're often rooting for the underdogs. A challenger brand may not have the awareness or longevity of a market leader. But that doesn't mean these organizations aren't able to rethink or disrupt the category. That's where we come in. We help to clarify and define brand strategy where previously there was none. We do this by listening, researching, differentiating and innovating. We challenge all assumptions. There's no magic formula up our sleeves except our process. Together with our clients, we arrive at the solutions together.


When companies, products, and services can't compete with giant media budgets and repetitive market saturation to seed their message, what's a brand to do? Emotion, wit and even humor can engage the audience in ways that stick and resonate deeply. When a brand can turn emotion into a connection with their audience, it becomes the valuable foothold into market share. At W|W, we believe that emotional connection can become unassailable currency.


Well, almost. With offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Honolulu, Hawaii, plus clients everywhere in between, we're convinced we've found the two most strategic locations on the planet. Two offices, an ocean apart, sharing the same soul. We're dedicated, yet fun, and our personality is evident in every aspect of our space. Stop in anytime. We want seeing us to be the fun part of your day.


We're Government Certified

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