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Launched by the North American Forest Partnership (NAFP), #forestproud is a communication platform made possible by over 100 member organizations who are passionate about the future of our forests. #forestproud believes that passion needs a voice, a place where the many diverse interests that share those values can come together and have a conversation. Over a three year timeframe, #forestproud successfully built a unique coalition, produce original, engaging content, and above all, leveraged every possible avenue to both frame the forest sector as a solution, and our community as proud, innovative, responsible stewards.

W|W designed, developed & managed the ongoing marketing and communications campaign for #forestproud across all channels. W|W’s early work involved helping (NAFP) pivot its branding from a traditional member-driven trade organization to a compelling movement aligned behind the #forestproud hashtag that is uniquely accessible to audiences inside and outside the forest sector.


Through work with #forestproud, W|W has planned and executed several paid and organic social media campaigns to promote feature videos produced by Gnarly Bay.

In early 2020, #forestproud released a 4-minute video featuring construction company Katerra's new 270,000 sq. ft. mass timber facility in Spokane Valley, WA. 

To support the release of this video, W|W developed a promotion strategy and created supporting assets that featured organic and paid social media through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The campaign specifically targeted decision-makers and influencers, such as architects and urban planners, with the goal of showcasing mass timber as an exciting material and climate solution. All campaign assets directed the audience to watch the full video on forestproud.org


forestproud.org sits at the center of the #forestproud communications ecosystem. The website, built on WordPress, serves as a hub for content that complements #forestproud's social media channels. The website is designed to support a variety of storytelling media, including feature video, long-form articles and partner content.

W|W also built a member portal integrated with Salesforce to facilitate the sharing of resources and content. 


From the onset, #forestproud has been about building a community of diverse voices. Through the use of social media and branded merchandise, #forestproud has created opportunities for the forest sector to connect and share what #forestproud means to them. 

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