Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs & Develops New Website for The Hillman Company

July 26, 2023

Founded in 1911 and based in Pittsburgh, PA, The Hillman Company leverages more than 100 years of investing experience to support the endeavors of the Hillman family and the philanthropy of the Hillman Family Foundations. The reinvention of The Hillman Company began with Henry Hillman’s early endorsement of private equity in the 1970s, while the company transitioned from its industrial origins. In recent years The Hillman Company generally limits its investments to the world’s top firms and co-investment opportunities. The Hillman Company’s success has enabled the Hillman family to make significant philanthropic contributions to the communities in which the family members reside.

W|W designed and developed a new website for The Hillman Company that more accurately reflects the contemporary company that it is, while clearly communicating its investment philosophy and organizational values. The website was developed using Prismic, a headless CMS (content management system) that leverages modern web technologies. Visit The Hillman Company website.

Henry L. Hillman was a pioneer in private equity, leading the company through its formative years.
Animation showing the mobile experience for The Hillman Company's values.
The Team section of the website includes profiles of The Hillman Company's leadership